Why Should a Divorce' or Widow Consider Whole Life? 2 Reasons.

Divorce' / Widow

1. Financial Security & Simplification

Issue/Concern: It all now falls on your shoulders. You don't want it complicated, you want a simple and efficient solution to increasing the probability of retirement success.

Whole Life Insurance as a Strategy: Whole life will not only protect your family if you were to prematurely pass, but will also protect you from the rising retirement costs. You save what you can into your qualified retirement plan at work. Whole life premiums generate both guaranteed and non-guaranteed cash value growth that can also help to supplement your retirement. In addition, the fixed nature of the cash value allows you to not have to worry about stock market volatility. The concept of owning whole life insurance is simple, most would consider the top Mutual Insurance Companies as safe, and you're in control of the policy and its benefits.

2. Children's Security

Issue/Concern: Now, more than ever, your family relies on you for emotional & financial support.

Whole Life Insurance as a Strategy: Guarantee their future by implementing whole life insurance as the foundation of your new financial plan. It's guaranteed by the insurance company and the top mutual insurers all have over 100 years of successful track records… they will be there when your family needs it most.

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