Frequently Asked Questions

How is my personal information kept confidential and secure?

One of the first things you should notice when you request a whole life insurance quote from our web site is the Secure Seal (also pictured at right). The digital certificate symbol means that that our quote request form is encrypted, and that no outside source has access to your personal information when you provide it through the request form. When you are on the actual quote request page you will also see a small "padlock" icon in the lower right hand side of your browser window at the bottom of the page. This is Internet Explorer's way of saying that the page you are visiting is secure.

Privacy Statement

Unlike many life insurance sites on the internet, this is not a lead generation system. Should you request a whole life insurance proposal from this web site, the only people who will have access to your information are the life insurance professionals who will run your proposal and their in-house staff. We guarantee you that you will not be put on any e-mail lists, your information will not be given to any other company, and that you will not be spammed by our office. Should you request a whole life insurance proposal, you will get one e-mail letting you know who your assigned life insurance agent is, one e-mail containing a link to your personal web page which allows you to print your quote and application, and no more than three follow-up e-mails.

Our office has a specific process of follow-up, and if you decide at any point that you are no longer interested in whole life insurance policy, we will delete your information from our systems immediately. Our office takes internet security very seriously, and we probably dislike spammers more than you do because a large part of our business comes from clients online. We are a brick and mortar business, though.