20 Pay Whole Life (L20)
Sales Applications For clients who want guaranteed lifetime protection in a shorter pay period. Good choice for gifting to a child or young adult, or as a charitable gift.
Sweetest Spots Guaranteed level premiums. Fully paid up in 20 years. High early cash values.

Key Features

Issue Ages 0 - 70
Minimum Face Amount And/or Case Size $250,000 Preferred Plus NT
$100,000 Preferred NT
$25,000 All Other Classes
Riders and Options Lifetime Paid-Up Additions (LPUA)
Waiver of Premium
Combined Waiver of Premium
Applicant Waiver of Premium
Waiver of Specified Amount
Guaranteed Insurability
Enhanced Accelerated Benefit
Simplified Insurability Option
10-year Annually Renewable Term
Select Security
Exchange of Insureds
Accidental Death Benefit
Dividend Options A, B, C, D, Q, R, S, U*
*Note that Dividend Options Q and R are not available below issue age 20.


Policy Classes Preferred Plus NT
Preferred NT
Substandard (Classes 1-16)

Sample Premiums

Male, Age 40, Best Class
$1 Million Face Amount

Client Proposals

Navigator Presentations EABR
Policy Summary
Prepaid Premiums