Top Ten Things to Ask Your Agent BEFORE Purchasing Life Insurance

10. How did you determine that this is the company I should place my business with?

Asking 'how did you determine' as opposed to 'why' means you're looking for a process. Process oriented professionals are more likely to stay with you in the long run rather as opposed to transaction oriented salespeople.

9. Which company do you represent primarily?

Is the recommended company the same as the company they primarily represent?

8. How did you determine the amount of life insurance I should purchase?

What's the process they went through? Did they listen to you?

7. Why is this the amount of life insurance I should be purchasing?

Each dollar of life insurance should have a specific purpose.

6. Can the premium increase?

5. What happens if I change my mind?

What are the potential costs to cancel? Can you increase or decrease the death benefit. Is the premium locked or is it flexible?

4. What are your credentials?

Having initials after their name doesn't make him/her better or smarter. However it does indicate a desire to be a professional in the business…an indication that he or she is in it for the long term. Additional licenses to sell Property/Casualty or securities shows a desire to be more well-rounded.

3. How many different agencies/firms have you been with?

Someone jumping around from place to place is not typically desirable. Look for stability.

2. What is and isn't guaranteed with this policy?

Guarantees are good.

1. How long will the insurance last?